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Menghadiri majlis IEM 65th Annual Dinner and Awards Night 2024. Majlis ini juga sempena ulangtahun ke 65 tahun dengan tema "ESG Catalyst for Engineering Evolution".

Tahniah diucapkan kepada guruku, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ir. Dr. Ahmad Zaidee Laidin di…


My walkabout tour resumed this time with employees from the Faculty of Medicine on the UiTM Selayang campus. The campus comprises clinical building (i.e. the clinical examination rooms and primary care), academic building, and residential college. …

Today, I resumed my walkabout visit, this time to the Institute of Leadership & Development (ILD) Bandar Enstek with a virtual meeting with members of the senate. After lunch, I met with the ILD management team and listened to their presentations…

UiTM Perak Branch (UiTM CP) Seri Iskandar campus has 452 academic staff and 318 administrative staff. The campus also has 8,217 students pursuing their studies under the Faculty of Architecture Planning & Surveying, College of Creative Arts and…


UiTM Pahang Branch includes three campuses in Kuantan, Jengka, and Raub, with 8,263 students, 374 academic personnel, and 395 administrative employees. There are 15 Diploma programmes, 8 first Degree programmes, and post-graduate programmes…


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